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Gary Hollander Enterprises, an organizational consulting and professional coaching firm, provides assistance to service organizations in both the public and private sectors. Gary Hollander Enterprises aims to assist individuals and organizations to reach their full potential through team work, mission alignment, managing diversity, and managing change.

Through interventions designed for specific client issues in the client's current context, Gary Hollander Enterprises addresses issues that hold organizations back from reaching their goals. Combining finely tuned evaluation methods and efficient group facilitation, Gary Hollander Enterprises provides thorough and thought-provoking analysis. And, by featuring participatory technologies, Gary Hollander Enterprises' programs promote teamwork, foster initiative, and engender decisive action in complex organizations.

Principal consultant and owner Gary Hollander is well-versed in the realities of contemporary business: service delivery, quality management, outcome evaluation, productivity, cost containment, community and industry contribution, and workforce development. Gary Hollander Enterprises seeks at every turn to mesh these realities with the personal and interpersonal issues that enliven, enrich, and at times constrain organizational success.

Gary Hollander Enterprises has an exceptional network of consulting associates and is justly proud of the standards of excellent the group embodies. Gary Hollander, as the visionary force of the group, collaborates with his colleagues to best serve the objectives of each project undertaken. With everyone contributing his or her particular expertise and perspective in a well-orchestrated effort, all involved benefit.

In every aspect of our work, the multicultural resource team models and embodies the principles that Gary Hollander Enterprises professes. With over fifty years of combined experience ranging from expertise in the areas of education and training, counseling, organizational development, leadership, and consultation in both the public and private sectors, the Gary Hollander Enterprises team possesses several qualities that are hallmarks of its unique approach:

  • Those new to the field of consultation may be very good trainers, but if unprepared, can be tripped up by the emotional charge and organizational struggles that complicate this critical work. All of our associates know the importance of doing their own "inner work" and are comfortable and competent working on the emotional and organizational levels.
  • Having experienced just about everything one can in an organizational setting, our associates usually know what's coming - but also know to expect the unexpected - and how to handle it.
  • Given our long-term experience with diverse groups and individuals, Gary Hollander Enterprises associates recognize the impact of culture and personal style on group dynamics - and how to accommodate them.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gary Hollander Enterprises has benefited clients from Georgia to California since 1981. Contact us for a client list and look elsewhere on this site for information about coaching, consulting, and professional speaking services.

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